Technical Services, Advisory, Consulting and Training

Technical Services, Advisory, Consulting and Training




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What We Do?

At ILN Consulting, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions in the energy sector. With a strong technical focus, we deliver robust analysis and strategic solutions that meet our clients' specific requirements.

Our expertise lies in the administrative and operational management of the oil, gas, mining, and renewable energy industries. Whether it's optimizing production processes, evaluating technical feasibility, or implementing sustainable practices.

High-quality services to clients in Colombia and the United States.

About us?


Our mission is to provide exceptional technical analysis and tailored solutions to clients in the public and private sectors, specifically within the energy and socio-environmental fields in the Americas. We strive to exceed the highest standards of commitment and quality in administrative, financial, and operational management. Leveraging cutting-edge engineering applications and relevant technologies, we offer a diverse range of industrial solutions, including consultancy, advisory services, training programs, and more. Our goal is to assist clients in Colombia and the United States in achieving their energy objectives while ensuring sustainable practices and efficient resource utilization.


Our vision is to be the leading consultancy firm, renowned for our technical expertise and comprehensive services, within the energy sector in Latin America. We aim to extend our presence significantly in the North American market, establishing a strong foothold and becoming the go-to partner for energy-related ventures. By fostering a corporate culture centered around innovation, leveraging the talents of our exceptional workforce, and delivering outstanding results, we aspire to be widely recognized as industry leaders in Colombia, the United States, and beyond.


Our Team

Our quality policy is always focused on people, and the extensive experience of our staff is key to the success of our projects.


Integration and impact

The integration of our Quality Management System with our expertise in the energy sector allows us to manage projects holistically and positively impact key performance aspects.

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Safety and Occupational

At ILN Consulting, safety and occupational health are fundamental aspects of our operations. We have implemented a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System aligned with the current legal regulations in Colombia and the United States. This system covers various essential areas to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.


ILN CONSULTING stands out for its continuous search for knowledge and evolution in the energy sector. His team seeks opportunities for innovation and strives to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Effective communication is a priority, promoting transparency and interaction with customers and suppliers. With values such as quality, commitment, trust and innovation, they offer comprehensive solutions in renewable energy, oil and gas, and mining. Their focus on research and development allows them to address constantly evolving challenges. Recognized for their technical excellence and commitment to sustainability, they contribute to a more efficient and sustainable future in the energy sector.


At ILN CONSULTING, corporate social responsibility is a fundamental principle that guides our actions. We take responsibility for the impact of our decisions and activities on society, the economy, and the environment.


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Dirección: Trv 54 # 21B-50 Ofic. 205, El Bosque, Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia.



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